Videos for small businesses

As a small business owner, we understand the costs associated with producing videos but we also know how important videos are to today’s marketing strategy. The solution for small businesses so far was to use cookie cutter templates from video creation products.
We strive to produce highest quality bespoke videos for all small business marketing needs.

What our Happy Clients Say
Their workflow was very simple and straightforward.
Courtney Harris
Owner & Manager, Vape Shop

Choose from one of these styles below

Style 1: Fully animated

Style 2: Animated with stock video

Our Process

Creative Brief & Scriptwriting

We will sit down with you to understand your needs and requirements from your video and work on creating a script. The script will be shown to you for your final approval. Post which, the script goes for a voiceover.

Storyboarding & Illustration

With your script and voiceover ready, our illustrators and graphic designers get down to work, first creating a storyboard, followed by creating various illustrations and assembling stock footage (if required) for each scene.


Our animators now animate the assets created by our illustrators, frame by frame, slowly giving shape to your video. Meanwhile, various stock footage, transitions and effects are added, following the voiceover.

Video Editing & Producing Final Cut

Our video editor would now take the raw video created in the step above and put any effects and finishing touches to produce the pre-final cut. A final cut is produced after incorporating relevant client suggestions.

Why Choose Us?

Focus on SMBs

We focus on small to medium size businesses only which helps us understand your business better and deliver a better final outcome.

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14-day Turnarounds

We deliver a standard 1-min promo video in 14-working days and social media videos in 2-working days (excluding delays due to client reviews/unforeseen circumstances).

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Cost-effective Pricing

Our standard 1-min long video in one of our styles above will cost you $499 while our social media videos will cost you just $49. Contact us for any custom requirements.


Trusted by Thousands of Small Businesses

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