What are Animated Explainer Videos?

What are Animated Explainer Videos?​

An explainer video is a type of short animated video used in business by different organizations to convey their brand’s story in a more effective way. Explainer videos came to light and became popular after the company- Common Craft’s explanation on the usage of Twitter. The video got 10 million views providing a piece of elaborate information about Twitter that became profitable for the company and the product, Twitter itself.

How to make an Animated Video Explainer?


Some important steps to make a successful explainer video are:

To write the video script:

The script is the main essence and element in providing existence to an explainer video. It is the only medium to convince a customer about a product or brand, therefore, demands a majority of focus towards it. The graphics design, voice-over, or music are secondary things in this aspect. The script majorly discussed a general overview of the product, introduced a problem, provided a solution to the problem, called on the action(i.e sign up for free trial), and broadcast the product.

Recording the voice-overs

Recording a voice-over for the video is another important step to serve the purpose of an explainer video. Fiverr, Voices.com are some popular sites to get professional voice-over artists from. 

Music and sound effect

Music and sound add an extra dimension to any video and explainer videos are created to turn and convey messages in an easier way. Adding sound and music effects thus help in attracting an audience and please their mind.

How do explainer videos help in business?​


An explainer video helps in :

  • Communicating message successfully to its target audience
  • Attracting and increase interest in the audience’ mind
  • Spreading brand awareness Explaining the proposition and providing a correct solution for the problem
  • Increasing conversion rates.

Name of some best-animated explainer video company

  1. IGW (Infographic world)
  2. Animation Explainers BX Films
  3. Next-Day Animation
  4. Explainers

What is a Whiteboard Explainer video?


The whiteboard explainer video is considered the most commonly used form of an explainer video. The style was popularized by The RSA, a British charity that promotes innovative ways of thinking about social progress. These kinds of videos involve a better understanding of a topic through hand-drawn images by black or colored markers on a white background. 


What is an animated explainer video maker? 

Animated explainer video is some software that helps in creating animated explainers in an efficient manner. Wideo, Powtoon, Vyond, Explee are some popular animated explainer video makers. 


Name of some good explainer video company in Delhi? 

  • OneSetVision
  • Blisstro Videos
  • Studio57
  • Silver Bazel