What is Business Video Production?

What is a business video production company?

They are companies that help other companies or organizations create video content for their business marketing needs, sales, or learning and development.

What are the services provided by business video production companies?

There are many different kinds of business videos, each of which serves a different purpose. Depending on their expertise, business video companies provide one or more of the following services- 

  • TV commercials
  • Music videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Branded web content
  • Corporate videos
  • Equipment for corporate events – live sound, lighting, video, photography, stage design & webcasting
  • Video recording and editing services
  • Lifestyle & documentaries
  • Providing professional crew services to shoot videos for sports, army, etc.

How do video production companies make money?

Quality, type, time, length, concept, footage, editing are some major factors involved in video making that are directly responsible for estimating a cost for the video. The longer the video, the more elements are involved in the storyboarding process. To bring variation in the video that needs to be shot in multiple locations, and the more footage will be shot, the more cost will be fixed for the video. Thus all these factors are interlinked with one another. For example, the cost of a standard promotional business video can range anything between $3k and 200k, depending on the complexity and layers present in the video. A 60-sec promo video costs between $1K and $5K.

Thus, the longer the video, the longer the storyboarding process, and the higher the income earned. Business video companies make money by providing one or more of the following services to their clients such as TV commercials, music videos, promotional videos, branded web content, corporate videos, renting equipment for corporate events – live sound, lighting, video, photography, stage design & webcasting, video recording and editing services, lifestyle & documentaries and providing professional crew services to shoot videos for sports, army, etc.

How do I start a video production company?

Starting a business requires planning. Following are some steps to help you understand how to start a video production company-

Portfolio creation

  • Create a website, and YouTube channel to showcase your work.
  • Market your content on Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and emails to generate traffic to your website.
  • Another great way to generate traffic and get clients is through getting reviews for your videos.

Choosing a business model

  • Pvt Ltd Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Trust/Society

Writing a business plan/project proposal

  • Brief about the project – This should include details such as names of the proposing organization, implementing organization, the brand name of your company, and project duration.
  • Registered/Corporate office addresses – Address of your company’s registered office and Corporate office.
  • Background of promoters/implementing organizations – The background of promoters includes names, designations, educational qualifications, years of experience, current/past associations, CIBIL scores, and net worth of individuals. Background of proposing/implementing organization includes details such as type of entity, key business & experience, years in operation, shareholding pattern, key highlights & affiliations.


  • Financials for the past 2 years, revenue, net worth, total debt, cash & cash equivalents, and commercial CIBIL score.

Proposed business plan

  • Services provided
  • Target audience/locations
  • Revenue model – Grant, loans, venture capital, etc

Project-specific conditions (if any) & Milestones

  • This should include a 3 to 5-year growth plan for your company.

What are the 3 main stages of video production?

The 3 main stages of video production are-

  1. Pre-production – In this stage, an artist comes with a relevant cohesive connected plan to establish a goal for the project. It involves story writing, story narration, the makeup of the artist, fixing the schedule with proper location, hiring and preparing crews, auditioning talent, preparing cast, fixing a budget, and collecting with all necessary equipment. Research, planning, and organizing are some major methods to set a goal and to achieve that for video production.
  2. Production – Executing all the plans of pre-production and capturing the assets of the story from the artist’s performance with a rolling camera is known as production. Production is ‘Action’! It is doing the animation according to the storyboard scene by scene, and frame by frame. Animation of each element of the frame is done according to the blueprint. Set up of sound and light, primary photography, B-roll capture, and voiceover recordings are some major processes in production.
  3. Post-production/editing – Editing, sound fixing, background score and color corrections for giving a cinematic touch, visual effect, picture lock, lower third (a contextual text or image positioned on the lower third of the screen to provide relevant information), title, and end cards are major processes that are performed with the raw footage before final delivery for distribution. Some editing software – Adobe after effects, Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, Logic Pro, etc., are some professional software used by the team for a final edit & render before broadcasting or sharing it with clients.

What is the corporate video production process?

A corporate video undergoes certain processes before creation and distribution which are as follows-

Client’s requirements – A product’s marketing and a brand’s reputation depend on its need or requirements to its target audience. A video is created for the purpose to connect with the spectators. Hence corporate video is being created keeping in mind its target audience’s requirements. Though every story is different the major purpose of making a video or any product is to satisfy the customer’s expectation and to engage them by connecting emotionally with the product using different marketing strategies to spread the brand’s awareness universally.

Storyboarding – It’s an important process in the pre-production of video making. A story holds the essence and existence of the video, at the same time helps in connecting with audiences. A story is being created by the content or scriptwriter that is performed by the artist to convey to its audience. After writing the storyboard artist sketch/scribble out each frame with all the details needed for the specific frame from transition to movements everything is pre-planned in the storyboard. A storyboard is a visual outline or a blueprint for the video, that helps in organizing thoughts and simplifies the video-making process, you can visualize how the video will look like. The main feature of successful storyboarding are- 

  • Breaking down the actions into individual panels.
  • Drawings, sketches, reference images, or photographs to represent each frame.
  • Series of drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or transitions.
  • Sketches out how a video will unfold, scene by scene.
  • Writing voiceover according to each frame.

The other important process in video production are-

Building illustrations, gathering existing video assets and relevant images – The next important step to form a corporate video is to gather pre-existing images or relevant videos and to build perfect illustrations that will match with the raw video footage and will make it visually appealing.

Using visual effect – Visual effects are being applied in the production time to make the video more interesting and engaging.

Adjustment of sound and color – The sound and color are being adjusted as per the requirements while editing. This process is done especially in the post-production process. The application of sound and color in a video adds another dimension to the video and makes it more attractive to its audience. At the end of the post-production process minute observation on each detail before final editing and final cut is demandable.

What are the top business video production companies/agencies on Clutch?

Few of the best agencies on Clutch are-

  1. Cinematicfocus video productions
  2. Zane Productions
  3. C29 Media LLC OEX Corporate Productions
  4. Keylight Cinema
  5. Thomas C. Webb Productions

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