Corporate Video Production

A Brief History of Video Production

Video production is a process that deals with creating video content which involves capturing, storing, and editing of moving pictures in an organized way. 

Though presently corporate video production concerns with digital machinery as per the requirements of the digital era, the origin of this concept came to light in early 1826 by the French developer Joseph Niepce’s first black and white image. This development is further followed by the invention of the animation device Phenakistoscope, used to create a vision of the motion. Later, with the development of technology the first real motion picture camera, Kinetograph was invented by Thomas Edison in the early 19th century followed by the innovation of projector, color-films, sounds, and video recorder by Sony. At the end of the 19th century, mechanical and non-linear editing came to light as the main components of video production. 


Video Production Categories

Video production can be divided into some categories such as

  • Social media video production 
  • Web video production 
  • Animated video production 
  • Promotional video production


Social media production

Social media is one of the biggest platforms that provide an opportunity to connect and convey thoughts more convincingly within a short period. Through various mediums in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc) one can popularize any product or content creating a product impression through video production using much reasonable equipment (like smartphone cameras) with proper marketing strategy. According to research videos from various social media platforms influence 64% of consumers in purchasing any product. Social media video production offers authenticity with creative ideas at a reasonable price. One can get video shots from a smartphone simply without any large video production budget. At the same time, It helps in creating brand awareness and engaging more consumers to talk about the product.

Web video production 

Web video is an innovative informational communicational marketing equipment that conveys principal facts about the product or organization. Web videos are made for use for certain websites for advertising or introducing the company. With a variety of approaches like extending brand presence, creating awareness, showing creativity, and improving SEO it proves to be an eminent platform for corporate video marketing. Typically, Web videos:

  • Have a singular exceptional focus and target audience
  • Improve SEO by increasing traffic for websites.
  • Educate, entertain, appeal, and inspire consumers to make a decision.
  •  With over 80% of internet traffic, web videos are an exceptional tool to create a story and represent the organization.

Best practices for web video production

  • Important to know the target audience
  • Should be mindful of the video file size.
  • Shorter duration for each video
  • Define the key messaging through a catchy content
  • Determine a video style that will connect to the audience

Animated video production

As the name suggests, animation video production is a reasonable audio-visual digital instrument that is completely adored by the animator’s creative thoughts. It is beneficial for presenting a concept in a more attractive & meaningful manner towards its audience, which leaves a lasting impact on the product and helps in increasing its brand value. Customization, communication, quality of expertise, feedback, Budget are some major factors in choosing the best animated video production company.

Some of the famous animated video productions are

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Epipheo Studios
  • Sandwich Video
  • Demo Duck
  • Blink Tower

Animated videos allow the audience to communicate, connect and expand creative ideas, and apply those in life.

Promotional video production

This kind of video deals with promoting a product to its target audience with visually stimulating, indelible, and highly effective catchy bold content. This helps brands to reach their relevant customers more effectively. Content or the main story plays a major role in this kind of production which holds the responsibility of the product’s profitable marketing and brand among its consumers. Some of the most successful brand’s viral promotional videos example is – Dove-The Power of Empowering Ads (a Guinness world record holder for the most viewed online ad in 2013), Coca-Cola– Taste the feeling, Nike, Adidas, etc.

The purpose of promotional videos are

  • To convince its target customers by creating an emotional bond
  • Providing effective content within a short duration to engage consumers.
  • To spread the brand’s awareness
  • Creating simple understandable yet authentic content.

Need of a Corporate Video

A corporate video is an important tool to highlight a product impression towards the mass audiences and to create brand awareness among its target spectators effectively. A corporate video is not only a way to communicate to the audience but also a medium to appear among most searched websites in google for providing more video content, which is beneficial for the company. Additionally, videos are more appealing and interesting than text which makes an exceptional corporate video to be shared with other clients easily. It will help in spreading the brand universally. According to research, 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (Source: HubSpot). YouTube is the second most popular website after Google according to the research of Alexa. The corporate video also nurtures brand loyalty by increasing brand value through some stages which are discussed further.


Search Engine Optimization is a term that was first used in 1997, though its process was being used much earlier by webmasters for a few years. It helps in outranking a website from its competitors. SEO is one of the fittest strategies in video production to hold a website in a good position maintaining the relevance of the topic.


The goal of Branding is to provide a product of its individuality and identity through symbols, name, design by the organization. Its purpose is to distinguish the product from the rest and to leave a striking effect on its target audience. The process of branding a product involves knowing its target audience, making a strategy accordingly, conveying stories according to audiences’ preference, creating an identity through logo and images, making an organized and effective video on the product or concept, and lastly sharing it into its audience through digital media. Simplicity and authenticity are the two major components of branding.


education, online learning, icon

Training videos involved presenting the process of enhancing some skills and reviewing previously discussed topics with minute details. Simple term training videos contain such things that describe how to do the video making. Some essential features of training in successful corporate video production process are

  •  Knowing the need for its target audience
  • Identifying the key message of the video that ll be delivered
  • Select a particular required style of corporate training video
  • Prepare and rehearse the script for the video
  • The script delivery should be aesthetically and sonically pleasing.


Ads or advertising is a useful medium that helps in grabbing an audience’s attention and hold interest by spreading a brand message through it. Video ads blend two components – movement and sound with an organized catchy content that leads towards user engagement. According to research, viewers remember 95% of messages when it is watched than to read. Thus, Video ads are an important element in corporate video production.


According to research, 68% of marketing professionals believe that email is the most successful medium in ROI. Video production can be very effective for marketing if it is blended or attached to the email. Thus, email can be proved as a very innovative medium for corporate video production by engaging and grabbing more audiences’ attention through direct communication allowing them to convey the organization their story in a better way. As email is used by more than 3.5 billion people across the world according to the research of 2019, it can be proved as an effective instrument to reach across the world for marketing professionals irrespective of geographical location or region.


Distribution and selling have a crucial role in video marketing. Production needs to sell a product with creative ideas or thoughts to grab the audience’s attention through its content.

Stages of Video Production

 Three major processes in video production that make it successful and effective.


Pre-production is the first step in the video-making process and production. In this stage, an artist comes with a relevant cohesive connected plan to establish a goal for the project. It involves story writing, story narration, light fixing, the makeup of the artist, fixing schedule with proper location, hiring and preparing crews, auditioning talent, preparing cast, fixing a budget, and collecting with all necessary equipment. Research, planning, and organizing are some major methods to set a goal and to achieve that for video production.


Production is ‘Action’, executing all the plans of pre-production and capturing the assets of the story from the artist’s performance with a rolling camera is known as production. This process demands minute observation in each detail. Set up of sound and light, primary photography, b-roll capture, and voiceover recordings are some major processes in production.


Editing, Sound fixing, background score and color corrections for giving an cinematic touch, visual effect, Picture lock, lower third (a contextual text or image positioned on the lower third of the screen to provide relevant information), title and end cards are major processes that are performed with the raw footage before final delivery for distribution. Some editing software – Adobe after effects, Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, Logic Pro, etc are some professional softwares used by the team for a final edit & render before broadcasting or sharing it with clients.

How to Make a Corporate Video?

A corporate video undergoes certain processes before creation and distribution which are as follows

Client requirements

A  product’s marketing and a brand’s reputation  depends on its need or requirements to its target audience. A video is created in the purpose to connect with the spectators. Hence corporate video is being created keeping in mind its target audiene’s requirements. Though every story is different but the major purpose of making a video or any product is to satisfy the customer’s expectation and to engage them by connecting emotionally with the product using different marketing strategies to spread the brand’s awareness universally.


It’s an important process in Pre-production of video making. A story holds the  essence and existence of the video, at the same time helps in connecting with audiences. A story is being created by the content or script writer that is performed by the artist to convey to its audience. After writing the storyboard artist sketch/scribble out each frame with all the details needed for the specific frame from transition to movements everything is pre-planned in the storyboard. Storyboard is a visual outline or a blueprint for the video, that helps in organising thoughts and simplify the video making process, you can visualize how the video will look like. The main feature of a successful storyboarding are

  • Breaking down the actions into individual panels
  • Drawings, sketches, reference images or photographs to represent each frame.
  • Series of drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or transitions
  • Sketches out how a video will unfold, scene by scene
  • Writing voiceover according to each frame

Building illustrations, gathering existing video assets and relevant images

The next important step to form a corporate video is to gather pre-existing images or relevant videos and to build perfect illustrations that will match with the raw video footage and will make it visually appealing.

Using visual effect

Animation, VFX, and other required visual effects are being applied in the production time to make the video more interesting and engaging.

Adjustment of sound and color

Sound, color is being adjusted as per the requirements while editing. This process is done especially in the post-production process. The application of sound and color in a video adds another dimension to the video and makes it more attractive to its audience.

At the end of the post-production process minute observation on each detail before final editing and final cut is demandable.

How to Pick Corporate Video Production Service?

Before creating a video the first crucial task is to select an appropriate production company that can lead the task towards perfection. It needs a deliberate systematic approach to finalize a production company that can stand on expectation and deliver within the scheduled time. The five prominent things that need to be considered while selecting a corporate video production services are:

Finalizing your need, timeline and budget

Every company’s budget allocation for marketing has a considerable amount of money dedicated to video production to promote the company on various digital platforms and in each cost, there is a video production company that fits the bill. Before going for the selection for production, the mandatory thing for a firm is to enlist their needs, the required features removing ones that can be compromised, and a timeline within which the product can achieve the goal. 


In selection, it is always a plus point to go for an experienced company that has an eye for detail and a habit to understand and tackle the challenges successfully. The reviews from the past clients, the background and work details of the production from different social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter,YouTube) can be used to examine the reliability of the company. It provides a glance at their teamwork, genuineness, originality, and versatility in the market.

Innovative ideas

Innovation and creativity are two major points that lead to versatility and control the responsibility to outrank a product or organization in the market. Before choosing a video production company it is necessary for the firm or any team to check the originality and imaginative capability of production by asking relevant questions so that they can apply an innovative marketing strategy to sell the video.

Negotiate and launch the product

Lastly, the firm discusses with the team and production and launches the product on different digital platforms. The launch for any product will be successful if it leaves an impact on its audience, so marketing and distribution are equally important as production and post-production for a video.

Some examples of successful corporate video production companies are:

  • Bx. BX Films
  • Covalent
  • Casual Films
  • The DVI Group 
  •  Shoot You